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Cranbrook, Rochester and Apperley Bridge Stations - All Open

The weekend of the 11th December saw three stations opened where NCB provided Notified Body, Designated Body and Assessment Body services.

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EPSA Working Groups – working together for safer wagons

As part of our Entities in Charge of Maintenance Service Provision Agreement (ESPA) NCB supports ECMs by providing guidance on best practice and cross-industry recommendations for those who are signed up to ESPA.

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Assuring safety on the new Scottish railway line

NCB were contracted by the Borders Project to provide independent assessment services, as both a Notified Body (NoBo) and Designated Body (DeBo).

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Delivering Safety Verification for the Reading Station Area Redevelopment Project

NCB has played a vital part in the multi-million pound investment in the railway at Reading Station.

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Supporting Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECMs) - TF25 Bogies

As part of our unique position in the freight sector, NCB was asked to help the industry investigate some engineering issues with the TF25 bogie - a cutting edge piece of wagon technology.

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NCB achieves ISO 9001

NCB’s ISO 9001 certification reinforces our commitment to quality in all the services we provide including training, safety verification and freight services.

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