Our approach

One key method to our shared success is one we call PAM – our Progressive Assurance Methodology. It’s a way for us to work together that delivers more value for you, further manages and minimizes your risk and helps you achieve authorisation.

PAM, in five simple steps

There are five key components that helps PAM make your projects a success…

Early Engagement

To ensure value from an early stage, we’ll provide clear, easily understood initial engagement at feasibility and option selection stages.

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Shared Goals

We’ll establish a clear understanding of expectations and ‘what good looks like’ for you, from the very start.

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Progressive Assurance

We’ll provide assurance from the start of your project to completion, with real-time status of project compliance available to stakeholders.

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Risk Based Approach

Our assessment findings and conclusions are based on risk to system safety.

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Corrective Actions

Non-compliance is communicated clearly, with an agreed time-bound action plan to resolve issues and prevent any potential problems further down the line.

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We’ve carefully applied best practice and learning from hundreds of previous projects to make significant improvements to the CSM and RIR assessment process and de-risk the authorisation of future schemes.

Want to get to know PAM better? Simply get in touch at ncbenquiries@networkrail.co.uk

If you would like to know more about our progressive assurance methodology please get in touch at ncbenquiries@networkrail.co.uk