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The Rail Grinder Project

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The Rail Grinder Project

Loram, one of the leading suppliers of track maintenance machinery and services in North America, has been contracted to design, build and deliver three new Rail Grinders to Network Rail.

Already working with UK based AEGIS, who manages the safety and engineering approvals process, Loram awarded NCB the contract to provide the independent vehicle conformance certification services.

NCB is acting as the Notified Body (NoBo) to assess the vehicles against Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSIs) and acting as the Designated Body (DeBo) to assess the vehicles against Notified National Technical Rules (NNTRs) as well as providing the certification against Railway Group Standards.

To make this project more efficient we developed and enhanced the approach we’d used on the Alstom Wiring Train project that allows international clients to access our project files and systems. The client then submits evidence via this system to allow them to demonstrate compliance to the relevant standards. Since Loram is based in the USA, this process reduces the delays produced by the time difference between counties, as they can upload information into the system when convenient.

We have also been very flexible in adjusting our approvals plan to meet their altered design package submission schedule.

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