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The basic manifestation of NCB’s product is in the form of documents. These are officially signed, and are published in accordance with accreditation requirements: I am committed to maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets all such requirements. But our customers see much more of NCB than documents; they see our people. In fact, it is the skills – technical and interpersonal – of our people that our customers buy. Our people work with our clients regularly over a period of time before the end product in the form of a document is delivered.

I want our QMS to work so that our customers recognise our people as individuals from NCB.

  • As individuals: I believe in our people letting their individual traits, skills and experience enhance the NCB product.
  • As individuals from NCB: our people need to adopt consistent ways of working; being up to date on understanding the regulatory framework under which NCB operates, being up to date on technical understanding of the standards they are assessing against, and then applying a competent and consistent approach in the way they carry out assessments and write and structure documents.

We take this approach to enable an excellent customer experience and to maximise the growth potential of our people. It is also necessary to achieve each of NCB’s strategic objectives and our current growth plans.

I am determined that our QMS will be continuously improved, and I know that our staff are best placed to identify improvements (including as a result of customer feedback) and to be involved in implementing changes

Sam Brunker, Professional Head and acting Managing Director