Reece Martin receives IRSE Thorrowgood scholarship

The Thorrowgood scholarship is awarded annually under a bequest of the late W J Thorrowgood (IRSE Past President) to assist the development of a young engineer employed in the signalling and telecommunications field of engineering and takes the form of an engraved medallion and a sum of approximately £1500 to be used to finance a study tour of railway signalling installations or signalling manufacturing facilities. The award is made, subject to satisfactory interview, to the Institution young member attaining at least a pass with credit in four modules in the Institution’s examination.

This year’s winner is Reece Martin, one of our senior conformance engineers. The interview panel said of Reece, that they found him to be well motivated and a keen advocate of the Institution. He has worked in delivery and current independent assurance as part of the Network Certification Body (NCB). He provided a presentation of his thoughts on his development and how they would also benefit the Institution. As such his plans were aligned with the principles of the Thorrowgood award.

Reece added, “I’m really pleased to have won the prestigious IRSE Thorrowgood Scholarship Award. After encouragement from colleagues in NCB I took the exam to progress my professional development and was thrilled with the results. I’d like to say thanks to everyone in NCB who supported my efforts. I’ve since been promoted within the IRSE to member status.”

Reece is seeking to gain knowledge of high speed rail in China which will certainly be useful to share within the Institution and NCB. He expects to feedback his learning both from his study tour but importantly also his experience of learning and undertaking the exams into exam study groups.

“We extend our congratulations to Reece on not only achieving credits in four modules of our examination, but for sitting and passing all of the modules at once! Becoming a member of the IRSE stands young engineers in good stead providing access to CPD resources and the opportunity to network with many other railway signal and communications professionals.” – Blane Judd, chief executive officer of the IRSE.


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