NCB certifies the longest grinder train in Britain

On the 13th November NCB attended the official Network Rail unveiling of the new Loram C44 7-Car rail grinder at the Colas Rail depot in Rugby. The on-track machine is one of three rail grinders built by Loram Maintenance of Way, Minnesota, specifically for use on Network Rail Infrastructure. NCB has been heavily involved with the project since 2014, being responsible for the Notified Body (NoBo), Designated Body (DeBo) and Plant Acceptance Body (PAB) approvals for the fleet. The C44 rail grinders replace the existing rail grinders which have been in service for 27 years, one of which was on display.

Daniel O’Brien, NCB lead assessor on the project said “We worked closely with Loram throughout the design, manufacturing and testing phases of the project; and despite the main production facility being in Minnesota, USA, we developed an excellent working relationship with the production team”.

James Collinson, managing director of NCB, said: “Before the machine can go out on track, NCB engineers need to be involved from the very beginning to make sure the design complies with regulations, it’s built for what it’s meant to do and that it meets all the required standards. 

“From design to testing, to evaluating the quality of the product and even making sure the instruction manuals comply with the relevant standards, NCB will be involved in order to issue the certificates that are needed to get the machine out on track.” 


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