How NCB are adapting to COVID-19

Our priority is to keep providing you with the services you need and the service level that you expect, while ensuring that all members of the NCB team, clients and suppliers are healthy and happy.

We have a Business Continuity Plan in place to enable us to continue operating effectively during crisis periods such as this, and I would like to assure you that at NCB, we are still open for business to support our clients, and to make sure your business can still prosper in these uncertain times.

• We have asked our team members to work from home where possible and we have equipped them to do this.
• We have instructed our team members to avoid all non-essential travel in the UK and all travel overseas.
• All members of the team are contactable direct through their mobile and email.
• We are maximising the use of Skype and conference calls.
• We are confident that we can continue to operate as usual and still deliver great work.


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