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Environmental Policy

NCB is committed to carrying out its activities in a way that protects the environment and prevents pollution. We expect everyone who works for Network Certification Body to understand and implement the following commitments during the course of their work activities:

  • We will as a minimum comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulatory requirements and any other compliance obligations
  • We will identify our significant environmental influences and manage these appropriately and effectively
  • We will reduce our environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance by:
    • reducing the amount of natural resources we use
    • minimising the amount of waste we produce
    • becoming more energy efficient and
    • reducing our carbon emissions
  • We will set objectives and targets to monitor our environmental performance
  • We will provide employees with the relevant competence and training to deliver our policy and achieve our objectives
  • We will continually improve our environmental management system to enhance performance

Sam Brunker, Professional Head and acting Managing Director